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Why You Want Your LMS Independent of Your Content Provider

Posted on July 10, 2017 By Jake White


Some LMS providers have eLearning content bundled with their LMS solution. They pitch this content as an increased value to the buyer. We think this is a trap for the buyers. Here’s why. 

Content should be separate from your Learning Management System.  

The short answer is: You do not want to be stuck with the content that your LMS provider gives you. You want to have options. And you want to have the best tools for your organization’s needs. We occasionally see LMS buyers attracted by the bundled solution approach. It sounds like a great value. But you often end up with a mediocre LMS and content that is not quite the right fit.


Each business has different training and development needs. Some companies can fulfill their objectives by purchasing generic training libraries, but most need industry-specific content, and often need to produce their content internally.


There are many eLearning content providers. There are new providers popping up all the time. Occasionally, you will want to switch content providers. You may decide after a year or two that the courses are outdated, or too long, or not interactive enough, or too generic, etc. Also, many organizations need to purchase content from multiple sources. You may need one provider for your compliance courses, some content from your software vendor, and another provider for industry-specific content. You do not want to be stuck with the content your LMS provider used to sell you their LMS.


This is why we consider ourselves “content agnostic.” That is, we are neutral on content options. We want to be as adaptable possible, allowing you to load whatever content you want to use in the LMS. This means you can use the LMS you love, and you can swap out content from multiple sources as your organization evolves.


We feel the same about authoring tools. Some LMS providers build authoring tools into their LMS. While we have some authoring functionality, we feel that you are best served by getting focused solutions: a best-in-class LMS, the best authoring tool for what you need, and the content libraries that are the best fit for your business.


Content providers and some authoring tool providers sometimes offer a Lite LMSs solution, but these are usually not robust enough for most organizations. We sometimes use the analogy of a Swiss Army Knife. It may have multiple tools, but none of them works well. 


Our experience has taught us that it is better to get excellent tools that compliment each other, rather than falling for sales gimmicks. We are happy to help you find the best content providers (or authoring tools) for your needs. Let us know how we can help.