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Learning Management Systems: Why Use LMS Software?

Posted on March 21, 2016 By Jake White

If you’ve heard of Learning Management System (LMS) software and are wondering what it can do for your company, you’ve come to the right place. We, at Torch LMS, are firm believers in the optimization of the workplace, so we created a corporate LMS that brings the absolute best in what this training technology has to offer. We want to tell you what you can expect from a high-quality corporate LMS, and why you should consider one for your business no matter what industry you’re in.

What Is a Corporate LMS?

A corporate LMS is a software that manages your online training courses. It organizes classes, quizzes, and documents, and gives your employees timelines for completing assigned tasks. But this is only the basics of what an LMS can do- a good corporate LMS will have many, many more features that address the specific issues that corporations faced with employee training have.

If you run a midsized company or larger and have already employed online learning, this software was made for your benefit. However, it can also have a significant impact on startups and small businesses, because it’s incredibly flexible, can grow with your company, and can work with companies that may have staff scattered all over the world. Regardless of your specific circumstance, it’s worth taking a look into the benefits of LMS software to see if it’s right for you.

Why Should I Use One?

So why should you use a corporate LMS for your employee training needs? We’ll tell you some of the most compelling reasons why you should put this useful software to work for your company.

1. Save Time and Money

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How many employees do you have on your roster whose only job is employee training? If your HR employees are doing all the heavy lifting, how many hours of productivity do they lose to making sure that all of your workers are up to date? Wouldn’t it be great if you could eliminate some of this unnecessary labor and let technology do all the hard work for you? An LMS can save your employees time and thus save you money by reducing the amount of time and people it takes to create effective employee training.

Distributors of employee training are only half of the equation, though. Think of how often your employees are dragged away from their desks to attend seminars or take regulatory compliance tests. Employee training can be an annoying suck on worker’s time and can interrupt important schedules. However, effective online employee training using an LMS can reduce the number of employee hours wasted on training by allowing trainers to distribute courses from a central source and employees to take the courses anywhere, at any time.

2. Less Frustration
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Online learning comes with its set of issues. The way you distribute your online training can mean the difference between a smooth ride for everyone or a confusing, frustrating experience that isn’t worth the trouble. You need software that is intuitive and easy to access for your employees at every level of technological understanding. That’s where a corporate LMS comes in.

An LMS makes it easy for employees to know what they need to complete, find courses and documents that they need, and track their progress throughout their training. For the employer, an LMS makes it easy and quick to upload courses and documents, set deadlines, and assign certain classes to specific groups. The job of a good LMS is to take care of the logistical work of distributing your training so that trainers can simply focus on making the most effective courses and documents possible.

3. Better Training
Last but certainly not least, LMSs make your training better. They are little miracles of workplace efficiency that make it easier than ever for you to distribute consistent, high-quality training in a variety of teaching methods. You can easily keep track of your employees’ training as individuals, groups, or as a whole, and check their understanding with quizzes and tests. You can quickly identify courses that may not be effective and change them as needed. Your employees can track their progress and get help from their trainers and peers.

The way that teaching is delivered can have a large impact on your employee's’ ability to retain it. Lectures can often be boring and move at a single pace, making it difficult for some to keep up or too slow for others. LMS training allows your employees to take their learning at their preferred pace, and gives them the opportunity to revisit things that they didn’t understand.


Companies throughout the world are discovering what a good corporate LMS can do to improve training in the workplace. But they are not all created equal- when you chose an LMS for your business, make sure that it’s one that is designed by the experts who understand the needs of business. Torch LMS for Business was designed by workplace learning professionals who saw that LMSs were not living up to their potential. View our demo today to see what makes our software different!

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