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Learning Management Systems: What is LMS?

Posted on April 29, 2016 By Jake White

Modern companies need advanced training solutions. No more printed instruction manuals and all day workshops. An LMS can serve as a convenient platform for all your training needs. It combines the best of traditional employee training, with the convenience of an online platform. Many companies use an LMS system to simplify their training program and streamline the process.

Create, Distribute, and Track Learning ModulesClose-up view on woman who working on laptop

An LMS allows companies to take their employee training digital. They enable you to create training materials and add them to an online database that is accessible anywhere. The flexibility allowed by logging in to an LMS can help reduce training costs as well.

These materials include documents, audio or video files. With an LMS, nearly any type of file needed to train your employees properly is useable.

They also allow companies to track the progress of individual employees by noting who has completed each module. You can set up your LMS to require users to move through the training at a set pace, or even require users to pass a test before moving on to the next section.

LMS is an Effective Training Solution

LMS can help companies of all sizes improve their training process. By enabling managers to design customized training programs easily accessed via remote login, LMS can streamline the training process. Learn more from us, Torch LMS, about how an LMS system can help you simplify and reduce the cost of your employee training.