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What Does the Retail Industry Need From an LMS?

Posted on July 24, 2017 By Jake White

Learning Management Systems (LMSs) are becoming an integral part of employee training in every industry. Each industry has unique needs and should seek out an LMS that has the features necessary to fill those needs. Here, we explore what it is the retail industry needs from a good LMS.

 Business LMS for the retail industry.

Effective Employee Turnover


Turnover is a fact of life in the retail industry and can take a heavy toll on a business with improper handling. A good LMS should make it possible to manage employee turnover and onboarding quickly and effectively while taking minimal time away from the employee’s service.


Such an LMS needs:


  • To be easy to use, so that time isn’t wasted training employees on using their training software
  • It needs to be cost effective since onboarding can be one of the most costly factors when hiring new employees
  • It should be accessible, so that training can take place anywhere, anytime, avoiding the need for inconvenient and time-consuming seminars


A Unified Front


Your sales associates are the face of your company, and likely some of the only employees that the majority of your customers will ever interact with. This means it’s incredibly important that your sales associates are well trained, self-motivated, and fully aware of and committed to your company’s goals and policies.


A good LMS for the retail industry should have tools that quickly and easily keep your employees up to date on store promotions and store policies. Features such as:


  • Mobile accessibility
  • Well tuned alert and messaging system
  • Quizzes that track employee understanding
  • Fast and easy to pick up
  • Ease of adding new content and editing existing content
  • Training courses and messages to be sent to customized groups of employees


These features can go a long way for a retail company that is trying to keep their frontline workers a positive reflection of their company.

Customer Service That Knows How to Solve Problems


If you’ve ever had a bad experience with customer service, you know how important it is that a company has well-trained customer service employees. When employees don’t know how to solve a problem, the experience of the customer will be frustrating.


A good retail LMS should double as a repository of helpful information that your employees can tap into any time they need it. It’s almost impossible for an employee to remember all of the information they need for every scenario they might find themselves in, so a good LMS will make it easy for your customer service associates to search its content for quick answers.


Not all LMSs are created equal, and every company’s needs are different. Before selecting an LMS, take stock of what your company’s needs are, and determine what features you want from your system. An LMS that’s a good fit for your company can save you time, money, and even customers.