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LMS Software: Watch Out for LMS Featuritis

"Featuritis" is when a software product becomes too overwhelming to users, and crosses from easy to use and powerful to a frustrating level of feature fatigue (see image below). It takes an incredible amount of discipline and long-term planning for software development teams to avoid this common stage in a product's development. The irony is that it is often customer feature requests that later leads to customer dissatisfaction, as the development team makes one feature accommodation after another. And soon they become the very thing that fueled their passion for entering and disrupting their market: The broadly-disliked incumbents, who rely on marketing to hide their spreading disease of featuritis.

Steve Jobs used to say, "Deciding what not to do, is as important as deciding what to do." He also said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." This less-is-better approach takes a lot of work and requires a consistent and intentional focus. Torch LMS exercises this kind of discipline every day. While we remain highly responsive to feature ideas from our customers—probably more than most software providers—we also have a very clear picture of what our product offering is about, and who we are selling to. This allows us to stay highly focused, and continue to provide a product that delights our customers every day.