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Use an LMS to Strengthen 3 Pillars of Your Business


Learning Management Systems

A learning management system is an online learning platform designed to manage and deploy employee training. Employee training is becoming more important to the business sector, and successful companies have long recognized it as a source of competitive advantage. Cloud technology allows organizations to manage employee training efficiently with business learning management systems.  More than ever, companies strive to shorten sales cycles, product development cycles and reduce overhead costs. Improve all of these by increasing what I call the three Cs: Compliance, Competence, and Commitment. Let's look at how an online training management system can help fulfill these business needs.

A learning management system provides value to all areas of your business.


Our first C is compliance. Virtually every business has regulations that require compliance training or at least training that reduces the risk of not being compliant with the law. Whether the regulations deal with employee safety, the environment, human resources law, healthcare laws, intellectual property, or another area of risk, ensuring that employees understand these regulations is critical. Online learning is an efficient way to deliver this training and allows you to track whether your people understand the information. Torch's learning management system focuses heavily on compliance.


The next C is competence. What if you could run a report that could give you the peace of mind that all of your employees are at the same level of competence? The Gallup Organization has called this "Human Sigma." It is the idea of reducing the variance between the performance of your employees—usually a business's largest investment. Ritz Carlton is an example of a company that places a huge premium on Human Sigma. Ritz-Carlton hotels want all of their guests to have the same great experience. They manage this by hiring the right people and providing extensive training on how to treat their guests. If you have stayed at their hotels, you know that these practices pay off in a big way. A focus on improving the knowledge and skills of your people can differentiate your business, paving the way for success.


The last C is commitment or employee engagement. Engaged employees are committed. Research shows that these employees are significantly better performers than disengaged people. When they have discretionary time at work, they will choose a value-adding activity. When people put their whole heart and mind into their job, their performance and results naturally improve. This is one reason top organizations have implemented employee engagement programs that include recognition programs, merit-based rewards, and extensive development programs. Many surveys indicate that people stay at organizations where they can grow and develop. Providing training and development opportunities to your people helps them feel more committed because they have a chance to improve. The result is a higher performer.

When asked, "What if we invest this money in an employee, and when they become more marketable, they leave?" a learning professional responded, "Is it a better option to keep them here, untrained and disengaged?"

The investment in training has immediate results, giving you a more knowledgeable, confident employee right away. By using an online training management system—like Torch LMS—you can provide training to your people and have more compliant, competent, and committed employees.