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Use an LMS to Strengthen 3 Pillars of Your Business

  Learning Management Systems A learning management system is an online learning platform designed to manage and deploy employee training. Employee training is becoming more important to the business sector, and successful companies have long recognized it as a source of competitive advantage. Cloud technology allows organizations to manage employee training efficiently with business learning management systems.  More than ever, companies strive to shorten sales cycles, product development cycles and reduce overhead costs. Improve all of these by increasing what I call the three Cs: Compliance, Competence, and Commitment. Let's look at how an online training management system can help fulfill these business needs. […]

Why You May Be Wasting Money on Employee Training and How to Fix It

Posted on June 22, 2017 By Jake White

Employee training is an important part of any corporation. Ensuring that it is efficient, effective, and adaptable is key to thriving in a competitive market. However, companies have been making the same mistakes when addressing this important issue for decades, and it costs them millions. […]

How Much Do Employee Training Programs Cost?

Employee training is an important part of running an efficient company. But it can get expensive. How expensive? The Association of Talent Development estimates that the average is about $1,208 per employee. If you’re part of a smaller organization (less than 500 employees) that number increases to $1,888! […]

Learning Management Systems: What is the ROI of training?

On Jan. 19, 2009 Fortune Magazine ran an article stating that “Recessions end...When this lousy stretch is over will your company be more competitive or less? The most successful companies never stop funding their most critical competencies. For virtually all companies, a critical part of their core is the continual development of employees. It's remarkable how many businesses cut training and development in a downturn. The best never do.” […]

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