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How Responsibilities for Workplace Learning are Changing

Posted on July 31, 2017 By Jake White

As new learning technologies are created and adapted, we see a large shift in the way workplace learning is handled. Exploring new strategies for employee learning, we inevitably reevaluate the roles of various workplace employees on every level of organizations. This shift is compounded by the way newer strategies are putting the power not in the hands of particular departments or workplace leaders, but in the hands of individuals. Here, we’ll explore how these roles are changing and what responsibilities employees at each level can expect. […]

How Workplace Learning Has Changed in Recent Years

Posted on July 17, 2017 By Jake White

Deloitte Human Capital Trends' newest research shows that "reinventing careers and learning" is now the #2 issue in business (followed only by reorganizing the company for digital business), creating urgency and budget in this area. 83% of companies (more than 10,000 respondents) told us this is important and 54% said the problem is urgent ( Workplace learning has undergone a metamorphosis driven by increasingly easy-to-use online tools. However, the development and implementation of these tools were just the beginning of a grander journey to a more effective decentralized learning method. Here, we’ll take a look at how we’re rapidly approaching this new form of learning by looking back at how we got here. […]

Learning & Development: Social Learning

Did you know that we no longer know how to get to the moon? Really. NASA no longer has engineers who fully understand how we accomplished the moon landing. During the space race of the 1950s and 1960s, the fast pace of progress led to poor documentation about engineering that landed men on the moon. Now, with the prospect of revisiting the moon, NASA must reverse-engineer old parts from the Apollos program to figure out how to do it again. […]

How to Become a Learning Organization - Lessons from the U.S. Military

A learning organization is an organization that can change quickly, adapting to the new rules that the market environment has created. Businesses that know how to learn and develop swiftly and efficiently will thrive; those that do not, will not survive. It is easy to think of newer companies like Apple and Google as being the best learning organizations. Some of the best examples of organizational learning practices are found in more mature organizations, such as the U.S. military. […]

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