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Leadership Development: Strength-Based Development

Strength-based performance and development have become the latest leadership development craze. It is based on a large body of research by Jim Collins (“Good to Great”), Jack Zenger (“The Extraordinary Leader”), Peter Drucker (“The Effective Executive”), and numerous books published by The Gallup Organization. Strength-based management theory has become very popular in business, with many Fortune 500 companies using these ideas in their management training programs. There is still a lot of confusion about what strength-based development is, and what it is not. Here we will try to clarify some of the concepts of strength-based development, and dispel some of the myths about this approach. […]

Leadership Development Models

Posted on July 09, 2015 By Jake White

Businesses need leadership programs more than ever. As the Baby Boomer generation begins to exit the workforce, the next generation of leaders need to be developed to take on new leadership responsibilities. There are thousands of books on leadership. It can be daunting to identify a leadership development model that works for your organization. From our experience, here are some of the best leadership models to incorporate into your organization's employee development efforts. […]

Leadership Development that Works

Posted on March 27, 2012 By Jake White

There are thousands of books and articles on leadership development. Most of them are subjective fluff. If you are looking for a leadership model with research rigor and practical application, I recommend Zenger|Folkman. Their book, The Extraordinary Leader, may be the only leadership development book you'll ever need. […]

Quotes: Jim Collins Quotes

Most learning & development professionals can appreciate the work of Jim Collins. Implicit in all of his work is the idea of continuous improvement and becoming a learning organization. We have provided some of the best Jim Collins quotes from his books below. […]

Leadership Development: Leading in a Perfect Storm

Within the next decade, organizations will face many unique challenges. Many of these difficulties can only be addressed through effective leadership practices. Before discussing what skills will be required of leaders in the 21st century, we will review three organizational challenges that constitute what could be called the “Perfect Storm.” […]

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