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Posted on June 06, 2017 By Jake White

  At Torch LMS, most of our new clients found us while looking for a new LMS - frustrated with their previous LMS’s lack of features and design. For you though, this might be the first time you’re buying an LMS, and a comparison among LMS’s won’t be very helpful yet. This micro-guide is for you so you can easily understand what a good LMS could do for your business.  Kris Spisak of BusinesstoCommunity recently wrote about what a good LMS should do. As a starting point, I’ll summarize her guidelines for you and add in a few more key points from my experience: WHAT A GOOD LMS CAN DO: […]

LMS Software: Business or eLearning LMS?

Posted on June 26, 2016 By Chris Lewis

Since their advent, Learning Management Systems (LMSs) have been used for a myriad of different purposes. Many software providers are aware of the different reasons that people use LMSs, and they design programs that are specifically marketed to just one kind of user or another. When we created Torch LMS, we started with an eye towards corporate training, but we knew that our unique program and tools could be utilized in the eLearning world as well. […]

Training & Development: One of the Best Investments Your Company Will Make

Posted on March 21, 2015 By Jake White

By Jake White, CPLP - Torch LMS […]

Small Business LMS: Business Models

Learning and development and talent management professionals need to be able to show how the training function contributes to the overall business. Additionally, they must be able to assess the learning needs of the organization so they can develop interventions. One of the best tools I have found to assist with both of these crucial skills is the Business Model Canvas, from the book, "Business Model Generation." […]

Learning & Development: How to Become a Learning Organization - Lessons from the U.S. Military

Posted on February 07, 2011 By JWhite

A learning organization is an organization that can change quickly, adapting to the new rules that the market environment has created. Businesses that know how to learn and develop swiftly and efficiently will thrive; those that do not, will not survive. It is easy to think of newer companies like Apple and Google as being the best learning organizations. Some of the best examples of organizational learning practices are found in more mature organizations, such as the U.S. military. […]

Leadership Development: Strength-Based Development

Posted on January 07, 2011 By JWhite

Strength-based performance and development have become the latest leadership development craze. It is based on a large body of research by Jim Collins (“Good to Great”), Jack Zenger (“The Extraordinary Leader”), Peter Drucker (“The Effective Executive”), and numerous books published by The Gallup Organization. Strength-based management theory has become very popular in business, with many Fortune 500 companies using these ideas in their management training programs. There is still a lot of confusion about what strength-based development is, and what it is not. Here we will try to clarify some of the concepts of strength-based development, and dispel some of the myths about this approach. […]

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