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Cost Effective Benefits of a Cloud Based Learning Management System

Posted on May 27, 2016 By Jake White

Training programs can be cumbersome and expensive to implement. If you try to set up a training program on your own, you may find it difficult to code. For most companies, the cost of hiring a dedicated IT (Information Technology) staff member just to design and maintain a training program from scratch is simply not feasible. Fortunately, learning management systems can help fill the need for employee training, while also lowering costs. […]

Benefits of Cloud Based Learning Management Systems

Posted on April 27, 2016 By Jake White

Training your employees can be a daunting task, and act as a huge time suck in your business. Taking the time to not only develop a training system but also walk your employees through it can seem overwhelming. […]

Cloud Based LMS: The Cloud is More Secure

Software as a Service (SaaS) is still relatively new for many organizations. One of the concerns that frequently comes up for potential buyers of SaaS or "cloud" products is the issue of security. Earlier this week, I hear a guy from Deloitte speak about SaaS. One of the points he addressed was security. He said virtually every data breach over the past 10 years has been on information systems is installed (on-premises) systems—and not on SaaS systems. I looked into this further, and there are plenty of data breach websites that support this conclusion (e.g., The most recent example was when Home Depot's consumer site was breached. […]

The Cloud - Benefits of SaaS (Software as a Service)

Posted on May 10, 2012 By Jake White

  The Cloud is the future of computing. Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, said that the company was betting its future on the cloud. John Hagel from Deloitte Consulting said, "All businesses would be well advised to begin to develop experience with Cloud Computing platforms at an early stage to better prepare themselves for the disruptions that lie ahead." According to a Gartner report, 20% of enterprises will have no IT departments by the end of 2012. was the pioneer of the cloud, with their anti-software marketing. They are now a $1 billion company, with their sites on hitting $10 billion in revenue. Though cloud computing has become ubiquitous with services like browser-based email (e.g., Gmail) and document storage (e.g., DropBox and iCloud), it is still not very well understood. Here, we will provide some information about cloud computing, with an emphasis on the benefits of software as a service. […]

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