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Best LMS: Tips for Choosing the Right LMS - Simplicity

Posted on June 24, 2016 By Jake White

A corporate LMS should save you time and money, not make you waste more of it trying to figure out how it works. That’s why at Torch LMS, we put in many hours creating a system that is intuitive and easy to use for people of every level of technological savvy. So why did we prioritize this particular element of our design, and why should you look for simplicity when choosing a corporate LMS? […]

Best LMS: Tips for Choosing the Right LMS - Customizable

Posted on May 23, 2016 By Jake White

Finding the right LMS to suit your business needs can make a world of a difference in your company’s day to day operations. An effective LMS can make your business run smoother, and help to make your employees’ jobs easier. However, the wrong LMS can become burdensome, and slow your business processes down. When you are evaluating LMS options, be sure to consider the unique needs of your business. The right system will provide all of the features you need, without any cumbersome and unnecessary additions. […]

Small Business LMS: Talent Management Suite vs. Best-in-Class LMS

Talent Management Suite vs. Best-in-Class Learning Management System […]

News: Torch LMS Wins Best Advance in Learning Management Technology Award

Torch Learning Management System (LMS)  won a coveted Brandon Hall Group gold award for excellence in the Best AdvaGoldin Learning Management Technology for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses category. Torch LMS’s win was announced on January 10th, 2014. The winners are listed at […]

Best LMS: Choosing a Learning Management System

Choosing the right learning management system for your organization can be an enormous project. One of the most important steps in this process is determining the requirements for your organization. The best way to determine these requirements is to develop business cases or scenarios of how you will use the LMS. […]

Small Business LMS: Business Models

Learning and development and talent management professionals need to be able to show how the training function contributes to the overall business. Additionally, they must be able to assess the learning needs of the organization so they can develop interventions. One of the best tools I have found to assist with both of these crucial skills is the Business Model Canvas, from the book, "Business Model Generation." […]

Best LMS: Getting the Right LMS

Why are almost half of current LMS buyers considering switching to a different LMS? (Source: Bersin & Assoc.) There are many options to choose from. It can be very costly to purchase a system that does not deliver because it is too basic or inefficient to maintain and administer. They can be too complex and feature heavy; or, you may invest in an LMS that works well, but has poor service and support. Torch LMS  is the perfect balance because of its powerful features, ease of use, and excellent service and support. It was developed by experienced learning & development professionals. We know what it is like to manage a training department or a corporate university. Our LMS is intuitive and focuses on doing the essentials well. Many of the processes in the system are automated, so you have more time to work on being a strategic business partner. Click here to find our more about Torch LMS. […]

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