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The State of the Corporate LMS

Posted on June 21, 2017 By Jake White

The capabilities of eLearning have grown exponentially over a short period as technology becomes more ubiquitous inside and outside of the classroom, and as everyone from schools to businesses realizes it’s efficiency. While eLearning started as a tool for school rooms, companies who create the software have seen much more financial success in corporate LMSs than in academic LMSs.

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You would think that this wouldn’t be the case. With more than 3,900 learning apps and programs designed for schools, it appears that business has never been better. However, many of the companies driving this progress are new, and many others have failed early on. While eLearning has shown itself to be a powerful tool for teaching students, it’s difficult for schools to calculate a tangible benefit to investing in the software. Coupled with the fact that there just isn’t a whole lot of money to be funneled out of high schools and middle schools makes it difficult for these companies to prove that they can bring in revenue, finding and maintaining funding for their products.


However, eLearning for corporate use has a much clearer return on investment. A company can put their employee training money to better use by purchasing an eLearning program that will centralize their training programs, incorporate everything from onboarding to sexual harassment training to continuing education, track each employee's’ progress, and ultimately improve their employees’ work. Large companies, universities, and even individuals have invested huge sums of money backing projects for corporate LMSs, showing a startling jump from 1.87 billion to 2.98 billion worldwide in just one year from 2014-2015. As a result, many startups have been adapting to survive by creating software that works both as an academic LMS and a corporate LMS.


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Are you interested in learning more about this story? Head over to the New York Times, where Natasha Singer originally wrote on this topic in January of 2016.