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The Evolution of Corporate Learning

Posted on June 26, 2017 By Jake White

An important part of plotting our future success is a better understanding of where we came from, which is why we’ve created a helpful infographic that charts the evolution of corporate learning. What is corporate learning though, and why is it so important to business leaders? Corporate learning is the system by which a company acquires and transfers knowledge and applies it to challenges to innovate. Effective corporate learning creates a workplace that can not only compete but thrive in a modern market.


What has resulted in our modern take on corporate learning stems from a long history of developing learning techniques. Each stage of development was created for the needs of the workforce during that age and took advantage of what tools were available to corporations of the time. The methods employed by corporate leaders of the past are still valuable in part today, but as is always the case, the needs of corporations have changed with changes in the market.


Luckily, as is also always the case, technology has advanced in this time as well. We have more tools than ever before to make learning easier, more accessible, and more employee-driven. The last part of the infographic chart is the use of these tools: online learning, mobile learning, and learning management systems. As personal devices like personal computers or mobile phones and tablets have become more universal, so too have learning systems that allow corporate learning to be at employee’s fingertips no matter where they go. Read on for the history of learning and development, as well as info about where we are today.