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Small Business LMS: Talent Management Suite vs. Best-in-Class LMS

Talent Management Suite vs. Best-in-Class Learning Management System


Our strategy is simple: We believe that people should have choices and get the best possible solution for their needs. If something changes, they can look at alternatives and make a change. When organizations adopt a single suite of solutions—the Swiss Army Knife approach—from a single provider, it limits their choices and often leaves them stuck with a mediocre "add-on" system. Let's look at an example.

The IS/IT team or the HR team discovers a solution that is a "Human Resources Suite," "Talent Management Suite," or a broader collection of cloud products by a single provider (the "________ Cloud"). The assumption is that this collection of products works together, flawlessly (REALITY: these products came from acquisitions, working together in the same way a best-in-class product can sync with other products). Another assumption is that getting a system that is good at one thing means it will be good at something else. When the training department is forced to use an also/after-thought/add-on tool, it harms the value they might be able to provide with the right tool. If the task requires cutting paper, you will want a good set of scissors (or paper cutter), not the scissors on a Swiss Army Knife. It may work, but it is ineffective.

In contrast to the illusory claim of being all-things-to-all-people, we focus all of our resources and expertise on a focused approach to workplace learning management. This focus allows us to build deep functionality instead of broad good-enough features. It allows us to solve real problems that lead to daily success. We don't just want to say we can do something on an RFP; we want to do it in an easy, intuitive way, with as much automation as possible.

We are different than what the incumbents are offering because we have been in the weeds. We know this space. We would love the opportunity to show you the superior benefits of a best-in-class solution.

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