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Why Corporate LMS is Important

The advent of eLearning has revolutionized employee training. Because employee training has historically been an expensive, time-consuming and yet non-negotiable part of hiring and maintaining your workforce, eLearning has quickly grown in popularity as a more efficient alternative. eLearning has proven to be more versatile and less costly than traditional teaching methods, and the interactivity and ability to revisit information makes a more useful learning tool. While online coursework gives businesses the freedom to create better lessons that each employee can view at their pace, an online training curriculum is only as useful as your ability to distribute and manage it.

A learning management system is an integral part of your corporate business.

This versatility is what makes it so important to select a well developed and easy to use corporate Learning Management System or LMS. A corporate LMS is a software application that offers employees easy access to their required coursework while also allowing employers to track their progress. It is the framework that brings together all aspects of online learning for an organization, and it can come with a variety of features.


Many corporate LMSs come with similar basic functions. A corporate LMS keeps a running roster of all of your employees and will send automatic reminders about necessary coursework. Documents and courses can be uploaded and altered 24/7. Plus, course material can be reused and adapted over time to stay current with company growth. Course creators also have many options on how to present information to most effectively teach their students. This kind of versatility is essential to stay relevant in the fast-paced modern business world.

However, some of the most valuable features that come with a corporate LMS are those that allow you to track and record your employee’s progress. Traditional training methods make it difficult to tell if your staff understood the essential information and practices taught to them. With the ability to track employee progress and assess understanding, employers can monitor the effectiveness of the training curriculum. This assessment is vital in assembling a competent workforce that will propel your business forward.

Who Can Benefit

LMSs are valuable to both small startups and large corporations alike. They come with their enhanced security system, which is crucial in keeping any company’s private training documents safe. They are less expensive than more traditional training management, as they can be managed in-house and don’t require outsourcing to a third party. This in-house setup makes them attainable for smaller businesses and more cost-efficient for larger ones.

An LMS allows for training in multiple languages, making it easier for international corporations to train all of their employees thoroughly. Staff and their trainers can participate and communicate remotely through video and instant messaging. This communication makes it easier for companies that hire remotely to keep training uniform.

In short, a corporate LMS will provide your business with the essential features to an effective eLearning curriculum. They ensure your employees can get the training and attention they need to fulfill their job requirements to the best of their ability. Stepping into the world of eLearning without one can make the transition unnecessarily complicated for you and your employees.

However, not all corporate training & management systems are created equal. The LMS was first used in colleges to help students manage their online coursework outside of the classroom. The younger generation of employees used these while obtaining their degrees, and may have experienced how nice it is to have an effective LMS, but more likely know how frustrating it is to have a poorly developed one. Selecting the correct LMS for your needs assures that your employees of every age and computer skill level will be able to use it with ease.

Torch LMS

That’s why we created Torch LMS, developed by workplace learning professionals whose experience with frustrating learning management systems drove them to create something better. A system built with a mind single to the things that are most important to corporate training.

Torch LMS for Business focuses on the essentials, allowing your employees to easily navigate the system and get what they need without constantly facing annoying quirks or issues. Torch LMS is striving to make incredible business LMSs attainable for businesses of every size and market.

What good is an efficient LMS if your employees are always asking for assistance because they are unsure of how to use it? Torch LMS has an attractive and intuitive interface that allows even the not-so-tech-savvy to navigate it with ease. We understand that good recall is reliant on multiple viewings of the same information, so we made a system that allows employees to go back and retake exams or reread information without retraining.

Business LMSs are incredibly important for any modern corporation but don’t just choose any LMS.  If you’d like more information about what makes our corporate LMS the best, check out our website or contact us today. We’re excited to help you revolutionize the way you train your employees!