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Torch LMS Review: The Business Case for Torch LMS

Torch LMS is a powerful technology solution that will help your business become a high performing “learning organization.” It will make your organization more efficient, increase compliance, reduce risk,  and ultimately drive profitability. This system is not simply a “training system.” Rather, it is a key part of ensuring consistent performance standards that will keep your business competitive. […]

How to Become a Learning Organization - Lessons from the U.S. Military

A learning organization is an organization that can change quickly, adapting to the new rules that the market environment has created. Businesses that know how to learn and develop swiftly and efficiently will thrive; those that do not, will not survive. It is easy to think of newer companies like Apple and Google as being the best learning organizations. Some of the best examples of organizational learning practices are found in more mature organizations, such as the U.S. military. […]

Employee Training: The Battle for Talent

We know that it is a demographical reality that businesses will face a war for talent in the coming years. Even in the midst of an economic downturn, we see signs that the competition to attract and retain talent is in full force. I spoke with a business owner recently, who said, “The tables have turned. Employees hold all of the cards. It is so hard to find and keep good people. Employees hold the power now.” The battle for talent may be the defining success factor for businesses in the coming decades. […]

Getting the Right LMS

Why are almost half of current LMS buyers considering switching to a different LMS? (Source: Bersin & Assoc.) There are many options to choose from. It can be very costly to purchase a system that does not deliver because it is too basic or inefficient to maintain and administer. They can be too complex and feature heavy; or, you may invest in an LMS that works well, but has poor service and support. Torch LMS  is the perfect balance because of its powerful features, ease of use, and excellent service and support. It was developed by experienced learning & development professionals. We know what it is like to manage a training department or a corporate university. Our LMS is intuitive and focuses on doing the essentials well. Many of the processes in the system are automated, so you have more time to work on being a strategic business partner. Click here to find our more about Torch LMS. […]

Small Business LMS: Learning Management for Small Businesses

Torch LMS is not simply a website that lets you deliver web training. If a business is looking for a place to display training videos, they should just use YouTube for that. Using Torch LMS is more like hiring a highly skilled employee that can take care of all your training, compliance tracking, and reporting (and much more!)...and a company intranet to boot. And this is a pretty inexpensive "employee." You're going to pay this "employee" near minimum wage to save you thousands (perhaps millions) in travel costs, labor costs, inefficiencies/rework, risk, and raise workforce skills and standards to take your business to a whole new level. Any business can afford an employee to come onboard and add this kind of value to their operation; the cost justifies itself very quickly. Organizations are going to spend the money on this one way or another—it may be, rather than using a system, the manager of retail store deciding to do on-the-job training for his people by himself; but the opportunity cost of this manager not focusing on the business is huge. The better approach is to invest in the technology to manage this part of the business. And when we say manage, we don’t mean an LMS that only delivers training videos or lets you run basic reports. We mean a system that manages the function, with many features fully automated, saving many hours of work each week. Check out Torch LMS today. We can help you increase your competitive advantage through technology. […]

Learning Management Systems: What is an LMS?

What is an LMS? An LMS is a learning management system. It is a system where training records can be centralized in one web-based location. It is ideal for tracking compliance and running reports on training activity. It is also used to deploy web-based training, manage classroom training, and provide social media tool for informal learning (blogs, discussion boards, etc.). […]

Leadership Development: Leading in a Perfect Storm

Within the next decade, organizations will face many unique challenges. Many of these difficulties can only be addressed through effective leadership practices. Before discussing what skills will be required of leaders in the 21st century, we will review three organizational challenges that constitute what could be called the “Perfect Storm.” […]

Learning Management Systems: What is the ROI of training?

On Jan. 19, 2009 Fortune Magazine ran an article stating that “Recessions end...When this lousy stretch is over will your company be more competitive or less? The most successful companies never stop funding their most critical competencies. For virtually all companies, a critical part of their core is the continual development of employees. It's remarkable how many businesses cut training and development in a downturn. The best never do.” […]