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How Much Do Employee Training Programs Cost?

Employee training is an important part of running an efficient company. But it can get expensive. How expensive? The Association of Talent Development estimates that the average is about $1,208 per employee. If you’re part of a smaller organization (less than 500 employees) that number increases to $1,888!

 The cost of employee training and how our Learning Management System reduces costs.

Companies are making employee training budgets a priority. But are they using that money effectively? There are many cost-effective options out there that add value to employee training programs. We’ve developed a corporate training LMS that helps business owners like you save time and money while creating more effective training programs. How does Torch LMS do this?


1. Helping You Do More With Less


Intuitive automation allows your HR department to do the work of a large employee training team with only a few members. The Association of Talent Development reports that 63% of employee training budgets are used on internal services which include things like department staff salaries and travel, nonsalary development costs, and nonsalary delivery costs. Cut down on these costs by getting an LMS that does the heavy lifting for you!


2. Helping You Make the Most of Your Time


Time is money, and the Association of Talent Development estimates that companies spend an average of 31.5 hours per employee per year on employee training. Cut down on this time by implementing Torch LMS. An effective LMS like ours allows employees to get their training done when it’s convenient for them, without being dragged away from their desks for day-long classes and seminars. The easy-to-use interface of Torch LMS allows employees to learn the system quickly.

3. Helping You Get the Most Out of Your LMS


Many companies that produce and sell LMSs provide little to no support to their customers once they’ve purchased their product. We want you to get the most out of our LMS, so we provide world class customer service to you from day one. Get to know our highly trained customer support team today by contacting us!

Employee training can get expensive. Lighten your costs by using the LMS that gives your business the most value for your money and time. To learn more about what makes Torch LMS different, visit our website or contact us.