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Learning Management Systems: The Value of a Modern Learning Management System

When I attend trade shows and ask people how they like their legacy LMS, I usually get rolling eyeballs, followed by a sigh and an emphatic, "not at all." The research on satisfaction levels certainly confirmed this general attitude about the market leaders. There are dozens of outdated, legacy learning management system (LMS) and talent management suites. Switching to something more up-to-date can make a huge difference to administrators and end users alike. A current LMS like Torch LMS seeks to solve many of the common frustrations that seem to be epidemic in this space. Here are some of the benefits of upgrading your LMS.

  • Better/intuitive user interface = greater user engagement = better compliance rates = more competent employees = $
  • Much more efficient admin processes and automation = more time for administrators to focus on value-adding activity instead of processing
  • Hosted solution = free up time for IT staff to work on other things (and more autonomy for the training team)
  • In the case of Torch LMS, we have unmatched support services = happy administrators who are implementing best practices, making your company a leader in organizational learning
  • Mobile friendly system = broader user adoption and utilization
  • Better implementations team, making the transition from the old system pain-free

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