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Corporate LMS: LMS For Your Business

Posted on March 13, 2016 By Jake White

Effective employee training is vital to any business, regardless of its size or market. Equipping your new employees with the knowledge, practices, and missions associated with their position and the company as a whole is important to employee performance and morale.

You can’t adequately keep your company competitive in the fast-paced, modern business world if you cannot effectively distribute new or revised training. Your employees are the lifeblood of your organization; it’s important to keep them trained and up to date.

Technology has made it possible to educate your workforce more quickly, more effectively, and at a far lower cost than ever before. While this has made the whole process much easier on business owners, it also means that corporations will have to strive to keep up to outperform their competition. Shrewd business owners will be tapped into the world of eLearning innovations, incorporating useful new technology while being wary of tools that turn out to be duds.

One tool that has received some scrutiny is the business Learning Management System or LMS. You may have heard of different business LMSs. You may know about them because you experienced an LMS firsthand while attending college. You may have had frustrating experiences with LMSs that turned you off to them all together. But we want to convince you to take a closer look at what the right LMS can do for you and your business.

An LMS with proper business capabilities can have a major impact on the effectiveness of your employee training program. If you’ve already made the switch to online learning, it’s time to see what an LMS can do for your organization. We’ve put together a list of some of the most compelling benefits that come along with using a business LMS as part of your employee training.

1. Learning Management Systems are Less Costly Than Traditional Training Management

Before online learning management systems, companies would hire a third party to manage their employee training programs. Some companies are still doing this, and are throwing away money on a service they could be providing for themselves. A business LMS does a lot of the heavy lifting for you and will take over on things that don’t need your frequent attention. This means that fewer people need to be involved in managing these systems and fewer people need to be paid for their time and resources.

2. Learning Management Systems Make Employee Training More Efficient

Business LMSs help bring together all training materials and coursework into one easy-to-navigate interface. This makes it easy for your employees to see exactly what they need to do, and it makes it easy for them to find materials when they need to be refreshed on a topic. They also remind employees about requisite coursework that has yet to be completed or is nearing its due date, and they keep calendars with deadlines close at hand for you and your employees to keep track with. They allow employees to communicate within the system, and allow teachers to administer courses from outside of the office.

All of your employee training materials can be easily managed within your LMS, and you will be able to keep track of when and if your employees are completing their training. Courses can be reused and adapted easily, as a good LMS will import courses in a variety of formats. It also makes it simple to standardize your training across your entire corporation, so that the training only needs to be created and distributed once. If your company works with stringent regulatory requirements, an LMS provides an easy and inexpensive way to show who on your staff is certified.

3. Learning Management Systems Allow You To Track Employee Progress

One of the biggest challenges facing corporations in the tech age is staying current. Things move very fast in today’s world, and if you can’t adapt your workforce quickly, you could get left behind. This is why a business LMS can be an incredible resource for any business. Instead of flying blind, hoping that your employee training is effective and that important information is getting through to your employees, you can track their participation and assess their understanding through tests and grades.

Being able to see how your employees are responding to your training and how much they are retaining allows you to make adjustments to fit your employees’ needs. It also allows you to move quickly when your employees need retraining or their training needs to be adjusted.

Sound exciting? There’s more. Don’t just purchase any business LMS for your company. When you want to take full advantage of all the best things an LMS can offer a business, turn to Torch LMS. Developed by a team of workplace learning professionals that noticed that the majority of LMSs were not living up to their full potential, Torch LMS is made with the purpose of business in mind. We are obsessed with your success, so we created an LMS that will transform the way you administer employee training.

Nobody makes these benefits a reality better than Torch LMS for Business. For more information about our revolutionary business learning management system, visit our website or contact us. We are excited to help you optimize your employee training and take the frustration out of LMSs.