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LMS Software: Business or eLearning LMS?

Posted on June 26, 2016 By Jake White

Since their advent, Learning Management Systems (LMSs) have been used for a myriad of different purposes. Many software providers are aware of the different reasons that people use LMSs, and they design programs that are specifically marketed to just one kind of user or another. When we created Torch LMS, we started with an eye towards corporate training, but we knew that our unique program and tools could be utilized in the eLearning world as well.


We created an eLearning LMS based on many of the successful aspects of our business LMS and added resources that are uniquely useful to eLearning. Take a look at the features and tools that make our LMSs the best choice for you, no matter how you’re using it.


Engineered for Business

Our workplace learning experts used their corporate experience to craft a practical, easy-to-use LMS with all of the tools and resources business leaders need to save companies time and money on employee training. Created with workplace efficiency in mind, Torch LMS is made to be simple to use and highly automated. This makes it incredibly useful to both large companies and small, whether you’re using it for extensive training or only occasional retraining.


Torch LMS’s ability to take on many tasks without employee intervention means that corporations can save resources and effort for more pressing matters. Because both the user and management interfaces are simple and intuitive, time need not be wasted on training employees at all levels to use the platform. And just to make sure we’ve covered all of our bases, we’ve put together an incredible customer service team that will assist you with anything you might need throughout your experience using our service.


Perfected for eLearning

All of the intuitive features of our corporate LMS software contribute to our customers’ success with their eLearning pursuits. But we’ve added even more helpful tools to streamline your eLearning by teaming up with the best providers of eLearning technology.


Our eLearning LMS comes with an unrivaled library of eLearning templates. We’ve partnered with eLearning Brothers so that you can find the biggest and best library of eLearning templates that are all perfectly compatible with our advanced LMS. We help take the headache out of course creation by making it easy to get professional resources that you know will work together from the start.
Want to learn more? Contact our exceptional team of customer service experts or discover more about the versatility of our product on our website. We have a passion for virtual learning and training, and we want to help you turn that passion into tangible results for your business and personal pursuits.