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Small Business LMS: Learning Management for Small Businesses

Torch LMS is not simply a website that lets you deliver web training. If a business is looking for a place to display training videos, they should just use YouTube for that. Using Torch LMS is more like hiring a highly skilled employee that can take care of all your training, compliance tracking, and reporting (and much more!)...and a company intranet to boot. And this is a pretty inexpensive "employee." You're going to pay this "employee" near minimum wage to save you thousands (perhaps millions) in travel costs, labor costs, inefficiencies/rework, risk, and raise workforce skills and standards to take your business to a whole new level. Any business can afford an employee to come onboard and add this kind of value to their operation; the cost justifies itself very quickly. Organizations are going to spend the money on this one way or another—it may be, rather than using a system, the manager of retail store deciding to do on-the-job training for his people by himself; but the opportunity cost of this manager not focusing on the business is huge. The better approach is to invest in the technology to manage this part of the business. And when we say manage, we don’t mean an LMS that only delivers training videos or lets you run basic reports. We mean a system that manages the function, with many features fully automated, saving many hours of work each week. Check out Torch LMS today. We can help you increase your competitive advantage through technology.