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How to Fully Utilize Your Business LMS and Update Your Training for 2017

Posted on June 08, 2017 By Jake White

It’s becoming increasingly evident that traditional employee training methods (the kind that involves scheduled seminars and classes) are outdated and ineffective. Many businesses Learning Management Systems (LMSs) lack the tools and ease of use to make online learning more than the same tired principles applied in a digital setting. That doesn’t have to be the case.


Training methods for the technology age need to be more efficient and personalized than ever. No more wasting time in lecture halls where employees must muddle through dull or repetitive speeches to find the little pieces of information they need. Companies can crack down on the effectiveness of employee training by evaluating what is already known by an employee, allowing them to address areas that need work or practice. This assessment is easier than ever with Torch LMS’s testing, tracking, and automation tools.

 Old methods of employee training treated the process as a necessary evil that is done once and never revisited. We’ve since learned that more clever tactics are required to ensure that relevant information is getting through, and being retained by your employees. Learning should be continuous to keep your employees up-to-date with the quickly changing needs of a competitive corporation in 2017.

 Relevant information should be immediately available so that employees can get what they need with minimal interruption to workflow. Torch LMS’s simple but powerful user interface makes it easy for each employee to customize their online workspace and make finding the information they often use easy to find. Your Torch LMS learning portal can be accessed remotely on devices such as smartphones and tablets, making it easier than ever for your employees to train when they want and how they want.

 Things like gamification and short play sessions have made some of the most popular apps as successful as they are today. You can make this work for your employee training by creating short spurts of high yield learning that your employees can access daily. Also, Torch LMS makes it simple to create incentives and scoring systems for your eLearning programs.

 To get the best employee training, you need the right tools. Torch LMS has everything you need to streamline your employee training and get the results you want. Created by a team of workplace training experts, our business LMS is designed to make your employee training easy and efficient.

 If you’d like to read more on this topic, check out this article from Training Industry, which details these concepts in more depth and with statistical data.