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Learning Management Systems: Fundamentals - Why Choose LMS?

Posted on May 07, 2016 By Jake White

When you are looking for a corporate learning management system, you may be comparing it to traditional methods of training, and wondering if it is worth making a switch. An LMS is an easy to implement, comprehensive training solution as compared to traditional solutions. It offers many benefits over traditional training methods.

LMS vs. Training ManualsBusiness people working on project in office

One of the traditional methods of employee training is to create a training manual. These manuals are typically bulky and become outdated quickly. They are also usually very boring, and hard for employees to interact with.

An LMS is an easily updated system. Any time a change needs to be made to your training program, you can make it once in the LMS system and trust that it will be effective moving forward. It is also interactive so that users can gain knowledge more easily. It can be set up to test users knowledge of a subject before allowing them to move on to the next section. Some LMS systems can even be gamified to make learning fun.

LMS vs. Live Training

Another traditional method of employee training is live one-on-one training with a manager or another employee. This type of training is set up, so the new employee shadows the manager to learn the necessary skills, and the manager acts as a mentor. While it can be good for building interpersonal relations within the office environment, it is a very time-consuming method of training. It is also very costly, as the loss of productivity by the training manual has an impact on the company’s bottom line.

LMS is far less time-consuming. Once it is designed, it can be used over and over, with minimal updates to the system over time. It is also far cheaper to implement and frees managers up for more important tasks.

LMS vs. Self-Hosted Programs

Another option for employee training is to design an entirely custom training program hosted on your company’s servers. These programs are typically harder to design and maintain, as they often require knowledge of coding. They also require regular server maintenance, making them more costly to maintain.

An LMS system is easy to update, with little ongoing maintenance required. They can free your IT team up for more important tasks.

IS LMS Right for You?

Is your company still using a more traditional method of employee training? If so, it may be time to make the switch to a learning management system, and start streamlining your training process. Contact our knowledgeable team at Torch LMS today, and learn if an LMS is right for your business.