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Business (and Learning) is Social

We recently attended the user conference—Dreamforce—in San Francisco. It was an enlightening event. Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff, gave an excellent keynote called, "Business is Social." He highlighted the technology-based "social revolution" that is taking place in business. He included many case studies of Salesforce customers who are leading the way in this social revolution. For example, I found it fascinating that GE is bringing social media to machines! Humans being social with machines and machines being social with each other. These interactions are hard to imagine, but just think about how you use Siri on an iPhone today, now take that up a couple of notches. Tell your car where you want to go, take a picture of a house with your phone and get a loan approved in seconds, or even a pilot instant messaging with an aircraft engine. That is where it is going!

This social revolution will undoubtedly include learning technology. With the new Tin Can API (the next generation of SCORM), there will be some new options that will make the social revolution a practical reality in the learning technology space. Torch LMS is leading the way in adopting the Tin Can API and also implementing practical social learning tools, such as expert directories, forums, blogs, etc. We understand that is an important way that people are learning today, and as the adoption of these technologies continues, it will become more and more common in the workplace.

I recommend watching the Benioff keynote presentation for a little inspiration about the social technology revolution.