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Benefits of Cloud Based Learning Management Systems

Posted on April 27, 2016 By Jake White

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Training your employees can be a daunting task, and act as a huge time suck in your business. Taking the time to not only develop a training system but also walk your employees through it can seem overwhelming.

Fortunately, a well-designed learning management system (LMS) can help to cut down on training time and get your business back on track. It can also ensure that your sensitive data is secure.

Easy Accessibility

Designing a training system from scratch and hosting it on internal servers can be a nightmare. Technical challenges in designing the system can slow progress, and make it difficult to use. The last thing you want is a complicated system that isn’t user-friendly. Additionally, hosting the program on internal servers can be a huge drain on your IT department.

A cloud-based LMS can help solve these problems. Due to everything is hosted online, there is no need for ongoing IT support to maintain servers because you do not even need a server! Cloud-based systems are also easy to edit and change. If you need to update a portion of your LMS, you can easily do so, and be rest assured that the changes will be implemented smoothly.

Added Security

Another issue for many businesses is security. In an age where almost anything can be hacked, it is important to know that your company files are secure. Cloud-based LMS, such as Torch, offer built-in security features to make sure your data is safe. Secure socket layers help to protect crucial payment information and provide peace of mind to your clients. You can also choose to enforce SSL, which means that all web connections going in and out of your site are secure.

Reap the Benefits of LMS

When you are ready to improve your employee training system, ditch the complicated and time-consuming self-hosted system. A cloud-based LMS can provide additional accessibility and security, while also streamlining the process. Learn more about how Torch can help you improve your employee training systems.