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LMS Software: Benefits of Centralized Learning with LMS - Tracking and Reporting

Posted on May 25, 2016 By Jake White

One of the challenges businesses face today is having their systems spread out across multiple platforms. This disparity can make it difficult to communicate with your employees, as vital information is often overlooked. It also makes it a challenge to evaluate your employees’ knowledge and understand what areas they need further training in. This reporting is one area that an LMS can help with.


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Importance of Tracking and Reporting

When you are training employees, it is important to have all of the information centralized, so it is easily accessible. Once centralized in one location, it is easier to track what segments your employees have already completed, and which segments they still need to finish.

 A good LMS will also feature testing options. This will allow you not only to see what segments your employees have completed but also how well they understand it. Testing can also help you tweak your training program. If you notice that a high percentage of workers struggle with testing on a particular section, it could be an indication that the training is not clear and needs to be improved.


Torch LMS

Torch LMS has the tracking and reporting tools you need to successfully implement a business training program. It offers the ability to not only track completed segments, test for understanding, and report to managers, but also allows you to organize users into groups. This makes it easy for managers to create hierarchies without having to access administrative tools.
If you are looking for an effective learning management system that offers tracking and reporting capabilities, Torch LMS may be a good fit for you. Contact us today to learn more and find out if Torch LMS is right for you and your company.