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LMS Software: Benefits of Centralized Learning with an LMS

Posted on May 11, 2016 By Jake White

Are you tired of having multiple training systems that operate independently of each other? Do you have to schedule several training meetings or remember multiple passwords to access your training materials? If so, then an LMS system may be the right solution for you.

Training Resources in One Centralized Location

An LMS gives you the capabilityTorch LMS Enterprise Corporate and Business Learning Management System to take all your dispersed training materials, and add them into one central location. It gives your employees the opportunity to access the full library of training materials from any location, making it extremely flexible. Since they can log in remotely, they can complete their training from anywhere (home, on the go, vacations, etc.). Which is much better than being stuck at a computer connected to the office servers.

It also cuts down the need for multiple system logins. With a single password, your staff can access videos, audio files, and documents all in one place. No more logging into one system to access videos, a second system to access the training manual, and a third system to access audio files. An LMS provides you, your employees, and yourbusiness simplicity.

Torch LMS Makes Centralizing Your Files Easy

Torch LMS provides an easy to access central system that your training managers can customize to fit the needs of your business. We make it easy to not only upload your training material in a central location but also track employee progress. We have made it easy to run reports from within the system so that you can view training progress at a glance.

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