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A Micro-Guide To What An LMS Should Do

Posted on June 06, 2017 By Jake White
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At Torch LMS, most of our new clients found us while looking for a new LMS - frustrated with their previous LMS’s lack of features and design. For you though, this might be the first time you’re buying an LMS, and a comparison among LMS’s won’t be very helpful yet. This micro-guide is for you so you can easily understand what a good LMS could do for your business. 

Kris Spisak of BusinesstoCommunity recently wrote about what a good LMS should do. As a starting point, I’ll summarize her guidelines for you and add in a few more key points from my experience:


  • Report on everything you need it to, including custom fields so that you can prove the value of training across your organization
  • Give you live 1 to 1 support so that you get what you need when you need it - not force you into a ticketing system before giving you a random support person to work with
  • Automate almost all of what you need to do for ongoing training
  • Be fully customizable in everything from setup to visualization
  • Enhance and automate many aspects of corporate learning for everything from in-person training (instructor led training) to fully automated training
  • Organize teaching materials (audio, video, text, etc.), so they can be delivered as often as needed for new hires, continuing education, and professional development.
  • Coordinate schedules in an easy way, so availability is no longer an obstacle
  • Track training performance and progress as an administrator/instructor, and as a user
  • Drastically reduce the cost of training, certifications, compliance and regulations management (mainly because of in-person costs vs. on-demand or broadcast through the LMS)
  • Help you prove that you meet every last detail of compliance regulations
  • Gives you scalability in that you can start small but expand it as broadly as you need to
  • Provide social interaction even though you’re moving away from typical classroom interaction
  • Move you off of expensive on-site hardware and into the cloud

I hope this helps in your search! Comment below if you have any other suggestions for an LMS. If you’d like to see how Torch LMS does all of this and a few more impressive tricks, you can watch a personalized automated demo right now by clicking the “watch demo” button below.


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