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3 Ways Torch LMS Will Help Your eLearning

eLearning has come a long way in transforming the way that people learn in and out of the classroom, but it was our belief that it could be even better. Many of the LMS’s on the market today fail to address some of the most important issues faced by companies and learners alike, and we feel that Torch LMS fills these gaps.

Torch LMS helps you provide your employees with training that holds, and helps them learn effectively. Here are three ways that we help you and your staff get the most from your e-learning.


1. Compatible Course Templates

Torch LMS has teamed up with the eLearning Brothers, a well known global provider of e-learning templates and training for eLearning professionals. For no more than the price of 5 high-resolution stock photos, you’ll have access to a library of over 35,000 assets that work seamlessly with Torch LMS and provide value for your company and your employees. It’s like having a team of professionals at your side helping you create effective eLearning content every step of the way!

2. Torch Lets You Use a Variety of Media to Train Your Staff

We know the value of using many tools to help information take hold, so we’ve made our system incredibly flexible, and easy to use. Create and use all kinds of media to aid in your employees learning, and do it all online! Publish videos, documents, audio, and event content-rich SCORM courses without fussing about whether these features are compatible with your system.

3. Access to Off-the-Shelf Content You Need

We want to make sure that Torch LMS is the only LMS solution you’ll ever need, so we’ve partnered with some of the best providers of eLearning content to provide you with a massive course library, at affordable prices. Through years of experience, our partners can anticipate most training needs your corporation has, from employee safety training to professional courses, and they’re all completely customizable.

Need more convincing? Take our interactive demo today and see for yourself the difference the right LMS can make. Contact us today to learn more about what Torch LMS can do for you. Experience the difference efficient, hassle-free learning will make to your company.