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LMS Software: 3 Must Have Features in LMS

Posted on May 29, 2016 By Jake White

Cutting through the noise and finding an LMS system that is best for your company can be a daunting task. Every learning management system advertises how it is the best solution for most businesses. How do you manage to cut through the hype, and determine what features are necessary for a successful LMS? How do you know if it is the best solution?


We have the answer! Look for these 3 main features that apply regardless of your industry, and you will be on your way to understanding what system is best for you.

 User Experience

Probably the most important feature in any LMS is how user-friendly the platform is. The design should be easy to navigate, and equally easy on the eyes. Your users should be able to log in for the first time and able to find whatever training material they are looking for, intuitively. A good LMS should not be outdated. If you are using a learning management system, and it appears that the system is outdated, it will reflect poorly upon your business.



Closely related to user experience, third party integrations are also important in improving the functionality on an LMS. It should allow you to tie in other systems, such as Google Docs or Quickbooks, and enable you to store all the necessary information in one place. Integration streamlines your process and helps you get work accomplished even faster.


Gamification Options

Finally, gamification has become a huge standard in the LMS industry. It helps make your program even more interactive by awarding badges or prizes for completing each segment of the training. Gamification can help solidify training concepts and make it more fun in the process.


Torch LMS Meets Your Needs

Torch LMS meets each of these 3 important standards. Ready to take your employee training to the next level? Contact our team at Torch LMS and let us show you how these must have features can benefit your business.