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Why use an LMS for eLearning, reporting, compliance and more?

Posted on June 14, 2018 By Jake White



In today’s rapidly changing business environment, your company must continually find ways to distinguish itself from the competition. The digital age has quickly transformed the way we do business. According to the Deloitte 2017 Human Capital Careers and Learning Trends report, the average length of a career is 60 to 70 years. However, the average half-life of a learned skill is only five years, highlighting the need for a faster, efficient form of learning.  […]

Managing Healthcare Compliance With An LMS


Use an LMS to Strengthen 3 Pillars of Your Business

  Learning Management Systems A learning management system is an online learning platform designed to manage and deploy employee training. Employee training is becoming more important to the business sector, and successful companies have long recognized it as a source of competitive advantage. Cloud technology allows organizations to manage employee training efficiently with business learning management systems.  More than ever, companies strive to shorten sales cycles, product development cycles and reduce overhead costs. Improve all of these by increasing what I call the three Cs: Compliance, Competence, and Commitment. Let's look at how an online training management system can help fulfill these business needs. […]

Why Corporate LMS is Important

The advent of eLearning has revolutionized employee training. Because employee training has historically been an expensive, time-consuming and yet non-negotiable part of hiring and maintaining your workforce, eLearning has quickly grown in popularity as a more efficient alternative. eLearning has proven to be more versatile and less costly than traditional teaching methods, and the interactivity and ability to revisit information makes a more useful learning tool. While online coursework gives businesses the freedom to create better lessons that each employee can view at their pace, an online training curriculum is only as useful as your ability to distribute and manage it. […]

Leadership Development: Strength-Based Development

Strength-based performance and development have become the latest leadership development craze. It is based on a large body of research by Jim Collins (“Good to Great”), Jack Zenger (“The Extraordinary Leader”), Peter Drucker (“The Effective Executive”), and numerous books published by The Gallup Organization. Strength-based management theory has become very popular in business, with many Fortune 500 companies using these ideas in their management training programs. There is still a lot of confusion about what strength-based development is, and what it is not. Here we will try to clarify some of the concepts of strength-based development, and dispel some of the myths about this approach. […]

How Responsibilities for Workplace Learning are Changing

Posted on July 31, 2017 By Jake White

As new learning technologies are created and adapted, we see a large shift in the way workplace learning is handled. Exploring new strategies for employee learning, we inevitably reevaluate the roles of various workplace employees on every level of organizations. This shift is compounded by the way newer strategies are putting the power not in the hands of particular departments or workplace leaders, but in the hands of individuals. Here, we’ll explore how these roles are changing and what responsibilities employees at each level can expect. […]

It’s Easy: How to Buy the Best LMS For You

Posted on July 26, 2017 By Jake White

It's no secret that your corporate LMS is the most important tool you have for delivering employee training online. Companies (probably like yours) are increasingly turning to eLearning to administer their training and education, and it’s not difficult to see why. Consider the following: […]

What Does the Retail Industry Need From an LMS?

Posted on July 24, 2017 By Jake White

Learning Management Systems (LMSs) are becoming an integral part of employee training in every industry. Each industry has unique needs and should seek out an LMS that has the features necessary to fill those needs. Here, we explore what it is the retail industry needs from a good LMS. […]

How Workplace Learning Has Changed in Recent Years

Posted on July 17, 2017 By Jake White

Deloitte Human Capital Trends' newest research shows that "reinventing careers and learning" is now the #2 issue in business (followed only by reorganizing the company for digital business), creating urgency and budget in this area. 83% of companies (more than 10,000 respondents) told us this is important and 54% said the problem is urgent ( Workplace learning has undergone a metamorphosis driven by increasingly easy-to-use online tools. However, the development and implementation of these tools were just the beginning of a grander journey to a more effective decentralized learning method. Here, we’ll take a look at how we’re rapidly approaching this new form of learning by looking back at how we got here. […]