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6 Critical To-Do’s To Maintain Your LMS (Yearly)

While you may be lost in thoughts of the holiday season, trying to wrap up your year end to-do's, you'll want to think about cleaning up your Learning Management System (LMS). You are probably thinking to yourself, ‘Hey, I paid to have all that cloud space - why do I need to clean it?!’. We will say to you, good point. However - trust us. You can save yourself from having a few major headaches down the road. Maintaining your LMS is very important. It is like your personal hygiene. You may think you smell great, but people will start to notice if you skip a few showers. […]

Getting Your Users Excited about Using your New Learning Management System (LMS)

So, you successfully picked your LMS, went through all of the necessary product testing, and your teams are in agreement that you have the right look and feel, layout, functions and features. You’ve done a lot of hard analytical work to get to this point. Now it’s time to think more qualitatively. You need to get your users pumped to use the new learning management system. Without them, none of the other stuff really matters. There are a few things we can suggest to make this process as successful as possible. […]

Successful Implementation of your Learning Management System (LMS) Part II: Content, Naming, and Testing

Before we dive into content, systems integration and testing, let’s review some of the first steps of implementation so far. If you recall our last post, we talked about planning and organization - hopefully you’ve had a chance to think about that a little further. You might already know what organizational roles you will create for the LMS and what types of permissions each role will have. You can tweak these along the way but it’s best to plan it ahead. Along with roles and permissions, you may have already thought about what type of data and information you will need to track and how reporting should work. […]

Successful Implementation of your Learning Management System (LMS) Part 1: Planning and Organizing

Just like in middle school, that awkward day in gym - it is time to pick teams. Thankfully, you’re the one picking. This is one of the most important things you will need to do for a smooth and successful LMS implementation. You will need to determine the number of people you want for this project, depending on the size of your organization - we recommend four at the minimum. Who are these people and what do they do? […]

After The LMS Demo – How To Successfully Trial An LMS


Searching for a Learning Management System (LMS)

Posted on July 23, 2018 By Jake White


Why use an LMS for eLearning, reporting, compliance and more?

Posted on June 14, 2018 By Jake White



In today’s rapidly changing business environment, your company must continually find ways to distinguish itself from the competition. The digital age has quickly transformed the way we do business. According to the Deloitte 2017 Human Capital Careers and Learning Trends report, the average length of a career is 60 to 70 years. However, the average half-life of a learned skill is only five years, highlighting the need for a faster, efficient form of learning.  […]

Managing Healthcare Compliance With An LMS


Use an LMS to Strengthen 3 Pillars of Your Business

  Learning Management Systems A learning management system is an online learning platform designed to manage and deploy employee training. Employee training is becoming more important to the business sector, and successful companies have long recognized it as a source of competitive advantage. Cloud technology allows organizations to manage employee training efficiently with business learning management systems.  More than ever, companies strive to shorten sales cycles, product development cycles and reduce overhead costs. Improve all of these by increasing what I call the three Cs: Compliance, Competence, and Commitment. Let's look at how an online training management system can help fulfill these business needs. […]